Phillip and I were out taking a walk at Dusk.   It’d been gray all day (usual), but then a break in the clouds and this is what we saw.  The picture is actually much darker than it was outside.  There was a peaceful aura to that evening.  People were outside just being and not necessarily doing anything.  That is one of the thing I like about being here, that you could go outside and just be.
My big news is that I got a job!  I’ve been praying and waiting since late April and so far, I think it’s going to be worth it.  Here is the link to the school.  I will be one of the lead teachers.  The school is inside a woman’s home and it’s one of the best classrooms that I’ve ever been inside.  I was ready to play house myself!
Thank you God that you provide for us.  I’m very grateful for a job.


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