Rain Shapes and Updates

If you turn this upside down, it looks like an outline of the United States.  Okay, it’s a stretch.
There hasn’t been as much sun this past week, so this is the only picture I felt inclined to take.

I wanted to also write that this past week, I got a job!!  After I had a phone interview, my interest was piqued.  After I was given the website to look at, I was excited.  After I had the face to face interview, I was hopeful.   The owner had taken her vision of educating children which (matches my own) includes giving a child a friendly, happy, aesthetically pleasing environment while also giving the children ample opportunity for constructive play and fit it into her home. Her home is a child’s oasis!
During the interview, I scanned the room and was impressed with the details of the organization, but also with how the care of the teacher seeped through in the lay out of the room and with the carefully selected materials.
When I received the job offer, I felt honored and a bit intimidated with the responsibility of the job that lay ahead of me.  But, just as I was feeling overwhelmed, I hear the Lord calming me with the truth that He would enable me.  This position had come from Him and I could trust that He’s in it.


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