I was thinking about my lost sapphire earrings today.  They looked like this except for having gold bases.

I miss those earrings.  I lost them in one of the moves because I wasn’t very adept in packing back then.
My lost earrings also reminded me also of loss in relationships because I didn’t take enough care of them.  In both these instances, it’s later that I realized how much care I really do have for them and desire to get both back as they were.  Unfortunately, some consequences are far reaching and lost things can’t be recovered,
but they can be redeemed.
Many things have occurred in the 20 years that I’ve been married.  Some are precious memories that I hold in my heart that I can always enjoy and look on as blessing.
For those other things, I seek redemption and restoration.  They are lost, but can be redeemed.  In one definition, redeem means to recover.
That’s of course what Jesus has done for our lives and thank God that He did.  If you understand this in depth, you start to apply that in the other areas of your life.
I’m thankful for the redeemed relationship in my marriage, extended family and friends.


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