Running through my mind

This quote which I’m not sure of it’s origin “went through my mind” early this morning.  I thought about it briefly and thought that at first it was fitting to me, but I after a while I concluded that yes, it was, but lately not.
Lately, I’ve actually been slowed down enough so that I could take a walk through my mind and once I slowed down, I was able to see and realize some truths about myself that have been humbling.
What I discovered is that I’ve been grieved at some of the choices I’ve made throughout my life.  These choices have long reaching consequences.
I wished that I had taken this walk sooner, but life has a way of seeming so busy when we’re younger that we believe we can’t take the time to introspect.  Well, I would like to say to those that wish to take a week or so to introspect that it would be well worth it.  Whatever it is that keeps you from doing this, can wait.
It may be that on our own, we naturally run from introspection.  In my case, I have asked for prayers for healing for my family and so, I have found myself on a slower walk by God’s doing.  God does answer prayers.  In His mercy He reaches to us, to help us, to save us, to change us.
Before being here, I became open to God’s will in our lives.  Being open to God’s will took us miles away from family and friends after thinking this constant moving was over.  I wasn’t sure why God chose to move us here. But, I will say that reason(s) is unfolding. Things are becoming clearer.  Answers are coming.
I wasn’t sure what God had in mind for us being here. All four of us are going through many changes and transitions while being here.  And Josiah as well, while being there.  It has been difficult.
Life has a way of repeating events and maybe this isn’t coincidence.  It could be God trying to give us opportunity to make different choices and carving out different paths.
Phillip and I were on a walk.  And surprisingly, the sun peeked out.  It had been gray all day.  We walk a lot here since we don’t have a car.  ( God’s will for now).  I can tell I still have a ways to go with my mind because I had said to Phillip, “Oh, these sunsets aren’t like Texas, there’s no color.”

So, here’s the sunset not long after I said that.  The sky filled with color, many colors.  I fell silent, humbled.  Corrected.

Lesson:  Slow down, walk.  I know life keeps you running, but be careful, you may miss opportunities to choose life.  You might miss the beauty.  Thank you God for slowing me down.  Thank you for another chance. Again.


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