In Thought

Things make sense in retrospect.  Perfect sense.  If only we could live life backwards, but God is good and gives some of us dreams. In my dreams, my children are small children.  I have awakened from these dreams with tears in my eyes, bittersweet tears.  I’m joyful to have a moment given, but I cry because in reality I can’t have these moments back.  But, I’m thankful to dream the sweet memories as opposed to the bitter ones.
This week,  I’ve contemplated my joys, my memories, my blessings, and my failures as I attempt to write my testimony.
It’s kind of raw to talk about Jesus’s blood.  But even as I had gotten stuck on the failure part of my life, I heard in my Spirit, Jesus’s blood never fails.  It’s actually a song, but it’s truth.  If you meditate on it, you can hear how much love is behind that phrase.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  His blood covered us.  We can be white as snow because of Him.  He really did save us.
Take a listen:

Now listen again.

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