In the Face of it all…

I’ve been here about a month in Seattle and even as I type this, I can’t quite understand some things that have happened because I’m in the middle of them.  Some things have been answered prayer, and though hard, I praise God, because for many of these things, I’ve waited a long time.

 However, some of these things included an attachment of pain and unlike many emails, these attachments come right open and don’t bother asking me whether I wanted them to open or not.  It opens, and there it is; right in my face.
I’m doing my best to not focus on the pain because it takes away from the glory, the glory of our God and it takes away from how Good He really is.  Now, I will acknowledge it and face it and it’s hard. I imagine it also has a purpose for me, growth or the like, no doubt something I’ve even prayed over myself.
 Alas,  I will not run from it, as in the past.  I choose to face it head on.  I figure since I’m not alone, then the pain has no chance.  But, it sucks!  Okay, it does.

He overcame death, I can overcome pain, I suppose or at least grow!
So, those of you who wander, how is it without a car?  How’s riding the bus?  The rain, the smaller house?  Oh, all those things are fine, problems, challenges, ah, yes, they are, but painful?  Hardly.  Actually, not in the least.


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