The Reading Police



Yesterday, I was The Reading Police.  I stepped into the towns bookstore.  It wasn’t Barnes and Noble or any other chain.  This was a quaint, amply stocked store with the ambiance of a library.  For any reader, a sort of intellectual sanctuary.

I picked up a book or two, children’s of course and read it.  I read and then It’s  spring by Julie Fogliano.  Erin Stead is the Illustrator.  I was impressed and inspired by both the words and the pictures.  I absolutely will want to purchase this book at some point.  If I write a children’s book one day, among others, it will be one like this that I would say influenced me.

Oh, the police part, I saw not a child, not a mother, nor grandparent anywhere in the bookstore.  This was not pleasing to me.  As it was mid-morning during the week on a sunny day, I shall grant pardon, but otherwise, I’d like to see a weekly story reading hour and such.  Come ‘on now!  Get reading!  😉


One thought on “The Reading Police

  1. I agree – if book stores had story times, it would encourage visitors as well as a love for books and reading in the young ones. Reading is so important as a good reader often does well at school.

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