My New Life

Yesterday marks my first day here in Washington that I found myself running for a bus!  I wasn’t really running when you consider that a 6 year old went zooming past me, he the corvette, me the old clunker!
Anyway, I made it, but just barely, thanks to my husband who said, “there’s one more!” as the driver shut the doors.

At church yesterday,  I thought my prayers for supernaturally receiving a car got answered.  We were talking to a family about not having a car and then I hear, “Oh, you can have one of our cars, we have too many!”   I think my smile got a little broader across my face when I heard this and then when no other words were said of this, I inwardly sighed which is better than what I wanted to say out loud, ” Oh, wow, that’s awesome!  How generous, you have no idea, I’ve been praying for that exact thing to happen!”
And so, my car withdrawal continues, but there’s this inner voice challenging me saying, “How long could you go??”  And somewhere inside me, I hear, “Let’s see”.

 Yesterday, as Phillip and I walked the streets of Bellevue, we’re surrounded by people who have nice cars.  And we keep seeing his ex-car, the Honda X-2000, which is starting to be a bit creepy.
But, on the upside, we got the condo in a more livable condition.  We have space in the living room and we are starting to go couch shopping.  Exciting!
Phillip reminded me that in a week, I will have been here a month.  This is hard to believe.  The time has zoomed by!  In no time, it’ll be time to fly out to see my son’s graduate.  My first child to graduate high school, a wonderful milestone, followed quickly by another milestone, that of my first child going to College!
There are things which are priceless which helps me to wait and believe that in God’s timing and willing of course, I will be behind the wheel of my divinely provided automobile!


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