Two Days of Rain

And 2 vitamin D tablets later, I write.  That’s one thing the weather is good for that and photography:

Though it is grey here in Kirkland, the light seeps through enough for a great picture, actually, it’s great light, that is if you have a great camera.  For the rest of us, it’s our phone.  I took this with my phone and the details are lost, but as you can imagine from it, the flora here are alive with color and with an abundance of blooms.
So, my friends, what have I been busy with these days?  I’ve been sifting through the years of mine and Phillip’s lives card by card, craft by elementary craft and photo by photo.
Very painstaking, but necessary work.  It’s painstaking because it’s our lives, years of our souls bunched up together between cardboard.  Necessary because we have less than 1,000 square feet.
Each folded up note, or old movie ticket has a story behind it.  Each piece takes precious time.
Step one, look at it.  Step two, remember it.  Step three, decide what to do about it. Throw it out or keep.  Step four, do it. Step five, break down the box.  Step six, begin again.
In between all this is the break to do a job search and also the daily walk for the pent up pooch to do his thing and also, the trip to the store for dinner.  Oh, and if I see some flowers, of course, I take the time to snap a shot.  I will always take the time to snap a good shot!
Lastly, my evening is spent welcoming home my loving family and hearing how their day went while eating dinner.  Lovely.  God is good to me.
That, my friends is what life has been filled with here in Kirkland, WA.
Please, please, let me know what you have been doing… 🙂


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