It’s pretty ’round here,

I’ll give Kirkland that.  I’ve not had the best attitude today.  I guess I’m struggling to adapt to my new life here.  Things take time and I know it!  I’ve done this before more than once, so I know.  But, it’s still hard to build a new life in a strange place with strange people.  Plus, I am dependent on public transportation.  I ride the bus!  I wish I had a car!!
But, on the plus side, my annoying hot flashes have vanished and I’m sleeping really well.  I haven’t logged in to see how much I’m walking.  I’m sure there’s an app for that, but I’m not that techie.  There are lots of flowers along the way to the bus.  The air is fresh, the ground mushy, and the light, (even when it’s raining) is surprisingly bright.  Also, we’re awakened each morning by the sing-song of a variety of birds.  I will try to study up on bird calls to figure out the actual bird.
I’ve also gone to church twice now to Mars Hill.  It’s a nice church with great worship music.  Ah yes, I forgot to mention how good the music is ’round here.  This is how good it is:  I look forward to going even to a bathroom stall in a restaurant to catch a cool tune playing.  Oh, and back to the church, my husband uses the music finder app on his phone to find out what cool music in the background as we’re being dismissed.
All this to say, God is good to us.  Change is hard, but there are lots of sensual perks along the journey.  We just need to focus on the good and wait on Him and His timing.  


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