Just a Glimpse…

I guess I like to blog because a blog gives the chance to vent and carry on, but in a safety net.  It allows just enough of you to show without having to unveil completely; but just enough.  Today, I felt depressed as I walked my dog parallel to seemingly unused railroad tracks which lay (lie, whichever) between an “ooh-la-la” neighborhood and my temporary housing complex.  Just me and my dog.  I had my Texas light jacket under my mood-enhancing pink Seattle rain jacket and the clouds were threatening.  The spongy ground beneath my feet, squish, squash, squish. (really?)

 I am peaceful inside and deep within; I know God has a purpose for all this in our lives,  “For us who love Him and are called according to His purpose”.  HIS PURPOSE, do I ever really read the word just as it is written.  HIS PURPOSE just jumps at me right now. So, it makes sense why I’m feeling blue, because what I want isn’t necessarily to be here.  But, to obey, that IS what I want.  I want to know that I’m pleasing God.  If obedience does it, then this blue-ness will pass.
By the way, you can’t really see it in the picture, but if you can just look right in the center where the rocks are, imagine a small little trickling of water cascading down.  That is the small gift that I took home today on my walk along the tracks.  No one with me, just Shadow and God.  Thanks God!

I’m hoping tomorrow will be better as we make our way over to our more permanent place.  We are buying a couch to go with it.  Phillip says we’ve not ever bought a new couch in our 20 years together.  “Really?”  I said to him.  So, with this tucked into my “hope” pocket, I smile as we begin anew, again.


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