Do you ever wonder if you’re living out your dream?  And if that is different or the same as what God gave you life to do? I wonder this quite a lot.  I do believe there are people who were born to do a certain task.  I believe that they (deep down) know this through and through.

And then there are the people who wander through life.  They enjoy a variety of life tasks and can be adept at many, but for whatever reason, can’t seem to pin down their one passion.  They admire the ones who have their one thing, because they know how extra time, energy and effort given to a particular passion will cause it to grow. So, they spend much thought thinking about which of their many life tasks they could turn into a passion.  Oftentimes, fruitless in their efforts, leaving a trail of incomplete projects.

And, sadly, yes, that’s me.

But, what if, with a change in perspective, (mine) I realize this is exactly how I’m suppose to be.  What if a person like me, surrenders themselves to be as they are and enjoy the many tasks they do and explore many more?

Would the “fruit” produced be any less sweeter?  Would the “fruit” of their labors instead, be as a cornucopia  containing a variety of fruits, all with their own flavors, each sweet but, unique. A cherry and a banana are in the same family, but one juicy and tangy, while the other is smooth and subtle.

I’ve realized that I’m a pretty tired person.  So,  I’m trying to release things and relax, I’m pursuing God’s peace.   I’m tired of stressing, tired of dressing.  Tired of doctoring, tired of proctoring.  Okay, that’s enough.


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