N e w Y e a r : 2 0 1 2

This is a new year and I want to complete some projects this year.  There are a number of them in my head not written down anywhere, so that could be the first project. That is, to write them down.  No, I guess before that comes the step of choosing which projects to complete.  Then write them down.  Okay,yes, that’s it. I guess once I choose which projects to complete, then I can move on.  *sigh* Any one out there servicing brains?  Or an organizer of thoughts?  Anyone?  Beuler?   

The above paragraph is a perfect example of how I get stuck not getting things completed.
1.  Write projects
2.  Choose Projects
3.  Complete projects

Oops, correction:

1.  Choose projects
2.  write projects
3.  complete projects

No, maybe this:
1.  choose one project
2.  write project
3.  complete project
4.  choose project
5.  repeat

NO!  This:
1.  Brainstorm projects
2.  Choose one from these
3.  Write down the projects after prioritizing
4.  Complete one project
5.  Go back to #2

There, done.  Thanks for bearing with me. That’s enough….zzzzz…..
Stay tuned for brainstorming……….zzz….zzz….


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