Happy New Year!

Time flew from one year to the next and so now It’s time to say goodbye to 2011.  Much happened this year.  My teens are now 18, 16 and 15.  I’m emotionally preparing for my nest to be empty.
My son (18) will start college this fall and my 16 year old will begin her college career starting this January. My 15 year old will probably begin driving this year.  *Sigh*
I’ll still be working as an Elementary Tutor and my husband’s job at Microsoft will be changing in the near future and with that could be a move for us. A big one, but more to come on that.
For now, I must concentrate on cleaning and putting away Christmas decorations. One step at a time.  If I  sound too glum, I apologize because I’m actually quite joyful of late, Praise the Lord.
I have accepted that life is filled with change when we decide to trust God.  We’ve asked for help in our time of trouble and He’s been faithful.  So, we accept the help, anyway that it comes.


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