The Upcoming New Year

I’m thinking about the New Upcoming Year; however you want to write it, it’s the same, a New Year.  It’s for us all, a gift of sorts left under the tree waiting to be unwrapped.  I see it as special (as we all must) for me.  I see it as a mission (like I do each New Year’s Eve) to make this human (me) count in this world of ours.  It’s my mission to find my mission (so to speak).
But, then as with most years of late (like the last 5), life starts happening and then that mission gets lost somewhere in the pile of life events.

It’s a bit depressing.   I don’t even like how I’m thinking about it.  Forgive me.

So, the New Year: 2012.  Two number two’s, a zero, and a one.  Hmm, let’s give it a go.


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