Faith It!

This is what my Pastor says to do when “you’re not feeling it”.  I’m kinda not feeling it today and I have a sinus headache and our financial situation is depressing and my friend’s mother is ill.  This is life and even though I know that God is good, I am a humanoid with ever-changing emotions.  One minute good, the next blah….

But, I will attempt to Faith It!  I have to because there are good things happening.  My son turned 18 yesterday!  I didn’t cry yesterday, but I did the day before his birthday as I wrote out his birthday letter.  I bawled my eyes out. I’m so proud to be his momma, but if I could just start all over again, I’d just hold him a little longer and play legos a bit longer than I did….etc., etc. 

Parenting is hard, I know, but what I’m experiencing is a mixture of good and bad.  I’m excited about the growth of my children, but I mourn the loss of their childhood.   I will empty my nest, but slowly, I guess.

So, I faith it and enjoy them while they’re still here in the same house, at least for a little while longer.   


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