2000 (i think)


That moment when you enjoy a “go-round” at a fun event, then it slips into that moment when you realize you bit off more than you can chew.  A merry go round came to my mind just now and the over-ambitious toddler who wants to play with the big kids.

At first, no problem, the merry go round is manageable, round and round it goes, fun.  Then, momentum kicks up the notch of play which rouses giggles and screams from the big kids, but sheer terror from a toddler.

Invitably, the toddler can’t keep up with the pace and gets dragged and down sadly going unnoticed for a few more terrifying spins until he can’t hold on any longer and down he goes.

Having older teens, three of them, no less, I have found myself akin to the aforementioned toddler. There is a part of me inside that wants to shout, whoa! slow down!  But, again, like the toddler, highly unlikely to slow the increasing motion.

The difference in this example is that unlike the toddler,  I’m not about to be face first in the sand; instead, I’m face first into seeing the beginnings of my children becoming young adults.  I’m also face first into a new stage of life; that of preparing my nest to be empty.

I’m excited for my children, what is to come for them.  I’m excited for what’s about to be my new stage, but I realize it’s time to let go of the “bar” I may be holding tightly to.  Letting go won’t mean I’m unneeded, it means I’ve done well a part of my job which will begin to change and be new. 


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