Midweek Day Off!

Woot!  Midweek day off for me. 
Enjoy the flower even though it’s not Spring.  I just thought I’d share some color.  Speaking of seasons, Autumn rocks, but I have to admit, I don’t enjoy feeling the chill inside the house.  This house is drafty in places.

I’ve decided recently that I really don’t understand God’s love for us.  However, I accept it with as much as I know how to and I know that I couldn’t “do life” without the Holy Spirit.

God loves me.  I’m  glad.  I desire to live my life in gratitude for his blessings, grace and mercy towards me.
But, what does this looks like?  I’m not sure.  

As I randomly go about my days, I think about whether I’m just taking the life He gives me daily for granted as I sit and eat my next meal or as I get in my car for an errand or as I sit here and type this post.

There are days that I feel I’m doing exactly as my maker wishes for me to do, then there are the other days.   I think about the poor, needy and sick and locked up.  Have I served them? Have I fed them?  Have I loved them?
Lord, show me how to really live out life and then give me the courage to do it!


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