The Pressure is On

I don’t own a pressure cooker, so I’m not sure how to cook in one or how one explodes.  Perhaps it’s the risk of explosion that I’ve never aspired to owning one.  But, it seemed fitting for the month as pressure is building for us to make a change.

Maybe what makes the explosion happen in a pressure cooker is added or too much heat.  I know that the heat is being turned up here in Texas.  With temps in the 100’s, we’re all bound to explode!  Some of us, literally and some of us, getting the contents of the cooker splattered all over us.
Neither end is fun.  I think I’ll never own a pressure cooker.  Perhaps it makes a great steaming rice dish, but I’ll stick to boiling.  When I see the pot boiling over, I just turn down the heat or blow on it.  Simple.  Enjoy your hot day!  Somehow.


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