A Rose is a Rose…

I enjoy my blog and writing, but I can see that I  enjoy solitude too much.  Lot’s of bloggers share their hearts, I tend to hide.  Maybe I am born to write?  Or, maybe I’ve simply had enough socializing.  I guess that can happen to most anyone, but it does happen to me quite a bit.  I do experience loneliness, but right about now, a vacation alone would be ok.  But, then I’d miss my husband!

But, God knows.  He always knows just how to speak to me, just how to love me.  For that I am grateful.  I AM.  Grateful for I AM.

N.T., (elaine knows), speaking of I’m frustrated that my friend doesn’t have Friday’s off.  I’d really like it if she did.  That goes for you too Karen!  Any day as far as your concerned!!!
Okay, done ranting.  I’m having a good Friday and enjoying life, but it’s now time for me to go pick the kids up from school. 


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