Here I go again re-posting past pics.  This is not today.  Nor is the picture from yesterday; however, both are true to the days posted.  It is in fact a gray, rainy day.

Also true is how little I’ve taken more recent pictures with a real camera, and also true is how most of the pictures I’ve enjoyed and posted up on Face book have come from my little Blackberry Curve phone.  Ok, there, I think I’ve come clean.

Now, thoughts for today on this cloudy Friday.  Well, some people believe that our world will be ending tomorrow.  With the latest news, earthquakes, wars, etc., I can’t blame them for this conclusion. 
Truth be told, I myself have not diligently studied the Word on when it will happen.  The reason why is because in the Word Jesus says Himself that even He doesn’t know when, but only the Father. 
So, either way it goes, my prayer is that when Jesus does return that He would find my family and me faithful in serving Him.
If He doesn’t return tomorrow, then I still pray that He finds my family and  me being faithful in serving Him and striving to do His will.


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