I have an interview this Tuesday and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Initially, I was so happy because I feel like God is giving me a second chance.  A chance to redeem an experience that I felt like I botched.  I would like to redo this part of my life.  I did enjoy being an Early Intervention Specialist and the job also leads to a separate goal of becoming an Infant Mental Health Specialist.  Of course, this would involve me finishing my Master Degree which I would love to do at some point.
But as I was cleaning the upstairs last night, it dawned on me that taking that job might mean that we would stay here in Texas.  I do like being here near family and my friends, but I do also miss Colorado.  It’s not just the state I miss.  It’s the chance to redeem that experience that I would feel like is lost.  What I truly desire is to make a home with all of us on board.  Only God can make this possible.  I know.  I haven’t been able to make it possible on my own.  I’m still waiting on God to make known His desire for us. 


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