I really like this picture that my husband took at the Austin City Limits Festival.  We went there with our family and enjoyed the music, well most of us did.  I tried, I sincerely tried to enjoy the music, but certain comforts I normally enjoyed were missing.  However, that’s not the point.  We spent time there making memories with our three teens.  I treasure the times we have with our three children. They are now 17, almost 16 and 14 years old. 

We have taken them to many different places and they’ve experienced living life in different surroundings.  They’ve made new friends, they’ve left old friends behind.  They’ve walked in snow, they’ve hiked mountains.  They’ve seen and heard the sounds of a large city.  They’ve discovered the peace of a sleepy small town.  There are tears of regret and tears of joy in our times of life, but through it all our love for each other has grown and deepened.

We have narrowly escaped certain tragedy and we have bent over in grief, but not one of His shall be lost.  We find comfort in the arms of our Savior, we have a solid rock as our foundation and His name is Jesus.  We’ve believed in Him for many years, but it’s recently that broken, we’ve cried out from our heart to Him.  He heard us and for this we are grateful.  Now, we choose to live for Him.  We wait for what He will lead us to next.  He speaks, we follow.


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