Decending a Mountain

I know that when you climb a mountain that you need to press on, pace yourself, and be prepared for storms.  I know this because I’ve lived in Colorado and have heard some stories.  I have hiked some and have enjoyed the views once reaching the top, or nearest to the top as I can get.  It’s breathtaking to be so high on a mountain.
On descending, you have to take care of how you place your feet.  It’s tempting to just go quickly down with the help of gravity, but in some place it’s easy to slip.  So, you have to angle your feet and proceed slowly at times one foot first and then the other.  However, it’s a great time to catch in the view and perhaps take a picture or two.
Either me or my husband took this picture on the way home from Colorado.  The fog created something veil-like between the mountains and the trees.  Just awesome!
I’m not sure why God might have brought descending down a mountain to me.  Perhaps, he wants for me and Phillip to slow down, tread carefully and to take in some views of His awesomeness.  I suspect that if it’s important that He will reveal more.  In the meantime, take in some views!


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