Tiger Mom..

I know that eventually I’ll be writing an article in response  to the “Tiger Mom”, the Chinese parenting approach as written about by Amy Chua, a Chinese-American law professor from Yale, talking about her parenting and why Chinese kids – or any kid whose mom act like Chinese moms – excel.   From one passionate mother to another, myself, I will have to either read her book thoroughly or continue researching reading what others have learned from reading her book.

I know that rather than lash out as her, that I need to have an attitude of learning what her message is and gleaning from it.  I read child development research and other books on parenting this way.  This one will be no different, I hope.  I heard that it’s such a well written book that even people who espouse a more nurturing view on parenting will question their own techniques.  Yikes, that’s pretty strong!

I will say this.  I believe that all children, all humans are unique individuals, just as the prints on their fingers.  We are very much like snowflakes. We are intricately formed and coded.  We respond to our caregivers correction, discipline and love from our closest relationships in equally unique ways.  We each desire to be approved of, accepted by those who we rely on for life.  This is my opinion today, that love under any approach is essential and what makes the approach successful, but that any parenting approach without love will fall like a loose stone on a mountain top.

More on this later.


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