God will show us the which Path to Take

Ok, so it’s not yet Spring, but I love this picture and we all can dream of when flowers are in bloom.  God will show and reveal things to us.  He stands ready for our prayers.  Or who knows maybe he sits on his throne, one thing for sure is that he never sleeps.  He’s always there for us and for that I’m thankful.
Can you recall some times in your life when despair, pain, or confusion were the norm?  I recall several times in my life.  I felt so depressed and alone, but now I look at that time in a different way.  I actually cherish the brokenness in my life because that is what God looks for.  He looks for a time when you might seek him for what’s missing because it is He that is missing. 
When you’re broken, or as the dictionary defines as:

reduced to fragments; fragmented

ruptured; torn; fractured

not functioning properly; out of working order
that is when rather than as just a time of hopelessness, it is a time for the birth of new things.  If you allow it, God will create these new things within you.  
He will show you which path to take.

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