Marriage Monday

photo © Sarah Klockars-Clauser for
This is a great picture!  Funny to find someone has taken a photo of just an image I was thinking of.  Thanks Sarah!
So, what this image makes me think of is marriage.  Especially marriages that are over 10 years old or more.  Like how an artist found beauty in this apparently worn out object, so can there be beauty found in loving couples.

True, like others, I’ve seen the married couples in public clearly not enjoying the other’s presence.  I sit and hope for their quick departure!  Their negative talk toward each other in public seems purposely loud and makes me wonder how loud it get’s in their home.  I cringe.

But then, there are those couples who clearly enjoy each other and compliment of each other and I sigh.  I thank God when I see them.  I pray that I can be like them too.
I know this kind of love is real!  And it may be a movie, but the husbands in Julie and Julia showed exactly what I’m talking about.  I loved watching that movie for many reasons, but especially how the couples loved  each other.
Happy Monday to you!


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