Thoughtful Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and I’m thinking about the two hours I have and how to use them before I go to my substituting job.  Kudos! to the last teacher I substituted for.  She had her classroom in great order, the five year olds new what to do (for the most part) and she left detailed plans!  What a relief to walk in a classroom like this!

I’m also thinking about my last post about friends and family.  I guess the truth of it is that I’ve not been too present and available for them.  I will work to improve this. 

I like the colors in this photo, so I thought I’d brighten up the page by using it, not to mention it reminds me of my daughter Bria and her upcoming 15th birthday party! 
Details and photos coming soon…stay tuned.

photo © Sarah Klockars-Clauser for CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

Also, this is random, but of importance:  I finally painted yesterday and though the grey skies made for limited light, I did it,  I enjoyed it and I look forward to the next painting event.
I also have masks and feathers on my mind due to the upcoming 15th birthday of my daughter Bria.


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