It’s too gray for me…

I was excited to catch a salmon colored sunrise a few days ago.  It caught my eye on the way home from taking my kids to school.  Seriously, it lasted seconds.  Had I been at home, I would’ve missed it.  Thankfully, I was driving east at that moment.  The brightly lit clouds brought a warm haze to the otherwise gray morning.  I couldn’t help but to thank God.  As soon as I said “thank you”, it was gone.

This is a picture of a sunset I took on the way to Aledo, but the colors in it are similar to the sunrise.

The vision I received about my writing mimics the sunrise in how it was delightfully there one minute, then gone the next.  I’m glad I was paying attention.  I’m glad I took the time to think amidst the busyness of life.

I have put my new insight into action.  I know I can’t deny who I am or what my passions are, but I can work to reach others by trying to change my style.  Reaching others with my writing is my goal.  I’m not trying to reach them to gain glory for myself, but to bring hope and joy in their marriage relationship and with their children.

 I’m currently reading the classic novel Fahrenheit 451.  Now that is a work of art, and what a strong message!  One of my goals is to blend this kind of writing with my knowledge of child development.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

I did successfully write yesterday, but it wasn’t about children or parenting.  It was about marriage.  I’ve been married 17 years and it’s been a wild roller coaster ride.  Phillip and I have learned so much about each other in this time, and though theirs still room for growth, I believe it may be time to share what we’ve learned.
Stay tuned to read about how to love your husband more beginning next Monday.


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