I’m a Scientist ;)

So, I think I got a little piece of my vision.  I was discouraged this morning at the thought of going yet again to get my fingerprints done.  I thought, “Why am I even going through the process of being a teacher?”  Then it hit me.   That the reason I can be a good teacher is that that among other things, I approach life from a scientific angle and especially when working with children and their parents.

While I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been writing about child development. There is nothing wrong with this and it’s been a great way to keep my “career” on track.  What this writing hasn’t done is reach an audience and made impact from what I can tell.  I have asked myself recently, “Why don’t I get any comments in my writing?”  I think I know the answer now.

My last job as a Child Development Specialist was a near perfect blend of using science and art together to aid parents.  I enjoyed  approaching problems using a scientific  angle;  I theorized, I observed, I researched, I questioned, I tested, and I experimented, but I most definitely communicated my findings in an artful manner.
Had I communicated from a scientific approach, I most definitely would have left clients in a fog of educated mumbo- jumbo.

The same may be true in my writing to parents.  I’ve re-read some of my articles and concluded that I’ve written quite a few good research papers.  The tone in my writing is scholarly and my attempt at encouraging parents?  Lost in the details of educational jargon.   

I need to find a way to be a little more artistic in my child development writing if I am to successfully  reach struggling parents.  If this, in fact, is what I want to do.  Is it what I want to do?  I do enjoy the thought of being a writer.  I’d enjoy the goal of becoming a better writer.


Ironically, I also consider myself to be an artist, but of late, a frustrated and unmotivated one.  The reason is similar.  Rather than appreciate and enjoy art, I have been manipulating, dissecting and studying it. The final grade in this study is an inevitable “F”.  The enjoyment?  Lost.  The painting, weird, to say the least.
All this happened while knowing that Art, for me, is to be appreciated and enjoyed.  I’ve always  enjoyed art in it’s purest forms and where there are no boundaries, no criticism, no prior plan, no attempt at understanding the outcome.

For reasons, yet to be discovered, this knowledge was made known to me about myself.  It has unlocked something in me.  It gives me direction and pulls me from the funk I’ve been in,
When I’ve successfully have found a way to blend knowledge and art, then I will have a complete vision.


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