Thanksgiving was great…up goes the Christmas Decor

I decided to get a leg up on the holiday whirl.  So, I put up some Christmas Decor.  It’s a first, but probably won’t be a last.  It’s nice to be ahead on some things while the reality is that we’re behind on other things.  No worries, we’ll be fine.
Thanksgiving was great and I was successful at making pie!  I even made the crust.  It was a lot easier than I thought.  Sure, my crust wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t have to store buy. 
It was great to spend time with family.  My children continue to astonish me with their maturity.  They are growing so fast.  I find myself grasping at their last years of childhood.  Phillip and I were successful at taking them on an outing.  We watched the movie Blindsided with them.  It was both a feel good and funny movie.
So, December is here and with it cooler temperatures, but I’m not complaining because these temps are so mild compared with the cold of the North.  My eyeballs are not frozen and my bones aren’t aching.


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