Neglecting Important Things

This flower wasn’t planned or worked for, it just came up.  I enjoy that and that’s fine, but this is a surprise.  Life doesn’t just happen in surprises, some of it does, but not most.  I don’t want to only enjoy things that come up, I want to learn to enjoy things that were planned and worked for.
  I’m feeling rather sensitive today.  I’m not sure what it is.  I’ve been praying….so it’ll be fine.  Phillip will come home today, thankfully.  I feel as if I’m neglecting things today.  The good news is that once I develop a habit, things get done.  It’s just that some of the important things haven’t yet been developed into habits.  I don’t want to stress or worry about it.  I’ve been made aware and so, now it’s time to do, to plan, to share.  

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