Time Flies!

Time really does fly. My children in this picture are babies! They are so cute! I remember that trip to Sea World and at the time, I remember thinking that they were sooo big! That is really funny.
At present, they are teenagers and would probably cringe at my posting this picture. Too bad, it’s my blog!
Anyway, I’ve not had access to the internet for over a week. I have to admit, I both missed it and didn’t miss it. I missed being connected to the “world”. But, I got more things done around the house and realized that I really do spend quite a bit of time on the internet; more than I’d like.
Well, good lesson to learn.
We’re about to take off to Cedar Hill for a High School football team. Bria is in the Color Guard. She is in full costume tonight. I’m very proud of her and all my kids. They brought home progress reports and they are progressing quite well. Kudos to them. Speaking of kudos…Phillip will be traveling to Northern California for an interview with Microsoft. We are so excited about this opportunity!!
More soon…


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