Happy Friday!


Photo: a plate full of chocolate at the Northwest Chocolate Festival

Happy Friday all!  I wanted to take today to say a collective thank you for old and new followers of this blog.  I hope that as each viewer sees a picture on my blog that they come away with a positive feeling as that is the goal of this blog.  It’s been both a challenge and a comfort to find many things throughout my life that I enjoy and more often than not, it is the everyday beauty of nature or the mundane often ,overlooked objects of the every day life that I end up posting.

I’m not ignorant of the state of the broken world we live in and my heart goes out to those that are in pain (spiritual, physical and emotional) and to those whose lives have been interrupted by a life altering, unexpected tragedy. Even as those things exist, my goal remains the same, to continue to post the positive to leave “passerby’s” with something positive to take with them, especially those who hurt.

Again thank you and enjoy wherever you are.


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